Tampa St pete New Real-Estate Investors tips.

 Tampa St pete New Real-Estate Investors tips – written by Scott M Lubik P.A. 

 Over 22 years ago I started flipping homes. I am 3rd generation Real-Estate investor but I still follow the same investment strategy each and every time I buy a Real-Estate investment property with out fail. I was and am, truly blessed by God to have been given great investment advise from guys in the business for over 30 years – when I was a new Real-Estate investor.

 As a New Real-Estate investor you must follow the Real-Estate investment Consultant top 3 tips I will lay out below.

Tampa St pete New Real-Estate Investors tips

Tampa St pete New Real-Estate Investors tips

 Just a few invaluable tips  – Get a Real-Estate investments plan and destination or goal and as a Real-Estate investor – You must never ever buy with Your emotions or become emotional about a potential purchase – This is for the end buyer; pay close attentions to this when looking at the curb appeal of a potential Real-Estate purchase. You must as a new Real-Estate investor lay out a strategy – “plan and destination”, 5 year plan of what you want. Not doing this is a disaster! Can you imagine a plain taking off without a flight plan or destination; that would be a big disaster! This is the most common fatal mistake most new Real-Estate investors make, it’s tragic. You must decide as a new Real-Estate investor, if your investment Goal is to fix and flip “Buy – renovate – and sell retail” for a quick 30k profit? Or will your Investment strategies be to speculate by “purchasing investment properties – renting them out to cover debt services; then at a later date – selling for more money.” Or lastly, income “purchase rental properties and live off the income.” Again! You must always decide the flight plan and destination before starting the investment Real-Estate project!

Tampa St pete New Real-Estate Investors tips

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