Real-Estate Consultant Scott M Lubik, LRA. Over 22 years in the business.

I am a licensed Real-Estate Consultant. I would love to provide the following Real-Estate Consultant services for you. Here is a brief synopsis of what I can do for you in my day to day Real-Estate Consultant services strategies offered. ( what I specialize in )

Real-Estate Consultant : I can help you with the following, making solid recommendations.

  1. Buying Auction homes.
  2. Buying REO homes.
  3. Listing the homes you have for a quick sale, free recommendations via walk threws.
  4. Give you free advise on values, Your plan, Your homes, Your cashflow situation and such.
  5. Give you the hard line “dos and Don’ts” with investment Real Estate.



Real-Estate Consultants can help you buy investment properties like this for pennies on the dollar. A good Real-Estate Consultant can guide you threw the art of making large profits!

Real-Estate Consultant : My job is to offer suggestions about your best course of action and get you started. If you need proof of my expertise? Some Houses I flipped . & or wanna talk; contact me anytime.

I can also answer the following questions or help you find a strategy.

  1. How do I find available homes for sale by owner?
  2. How do I find available investment properties for sale?
  3. How do I find distressed properties for sale?
  4. How do I find “good deals” on properties? “The mathematical formula”
  5. How do I fix and flip homes?
  6. Best practices; investment strategies, “flipping Houses.”


Just to name a few.

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Best regards.

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