Investment Homes Tips: “the Winners and Losers”

Investment homes tips – finding investment homes for sale, in Florida can be a tricky thing. When you think of a place like, Tampa or Clearwater; you think of beaches and beauty, this however is not always the case. Here are some winning investment Real Estate tips I have learned over the last 22 years for finding investment homes in FL:

 Hint! The big companies like Blackstone own the home to your left – not the cheap – half price one in the War zone; but why?

Investment homes tips

Buy investment homes like this – in great areas! This investment homes tip is sure to make you money!

Investment Homes Tips – pro Tip # 1

Stay out of the neighborhoods that you your self would not live in!

(the losers) – If you purchase a home for $20,000 because someone told you to “start small”; most likely you have purchased a distressed home that was for sale in a rental neighborhood. I hope you love that house! Odds are; you’re gonna be the owner for a long, long time. Tip: Take a good look at the surrounding area before you buy; if no homeowners live in the area; there is possibly a good reason for this. I made this mistake already so I’m speaking to you as a victim.

(the winners) – If your plan is to buy, hold, and rent; sell for more money at a later date to “speculate” or “fix and flip homes” for instant profit; you would be better served looking in a mixed community of homeowners and such. Buy a house in a place where you would send your kids to school, close to where you live, close to shopping and such! I think you get the point. I know, “where can I find available Tampa investment homes for cheap prices?” Start HERE. You will be shocked to know; there are still great deals on Investment homes for sale that are in great locations. This site allows you to buy direct from the spicket!

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