Investment Property West Coast of Florida – How to Buy.

How to buy investment property on the west coast of Florida. Examples and Processes: Scott’s Lists offers investment property.  There are 3 types of investment property found on our site. The first would be single family homes ( SFH ). The second would be Duplex or Multi family. Last you will find Townhouse and Condo. The investment property you will find is mostly located in the Tampa Bay Area.

How Scott’s Lists buys investment property at a cheap price.

Scott’s Lists is a buyer of investment property. We purchase property mostly based on “curb appeal.” Investment property is also purchase based on “price per square foot.” Scott’s List only buys distressed auction homes and from privet owners.

What we do with the investment property after we purchase it.

investment property

Investment property trash out can be very expensive! This is a normal week of volume.

After Scott’s Lists buys the property from Hillsborough County Auction for example, we make it marketable to the public. Making it marketable with clear title isn’t easy. We have to pay off all existing leans, including code Enforcement. Fix open permit issues. Make sure there isn’t any second mortgages out there, or old unrecorded leans. This all takes many hours of advanced title research. After we have cleared title, we then deal with any occupant that is residing in the home. We do not like to evict old owners or rental occupants, so we offer them cash in most cases to vacate. Regardless, if you’re a new Real-Estate investor or not; no-one likes this part of the process. The steps to making the titles clear is expensive, & tricky. Investments are often purchase for thousands of dollars higher as REO to avoid this process.



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For thousands less then REO property: Scott’s lists will complete the tasks stated above, for you. You can buy the Real-Estate investments cheaper, with clear, insured & blemish free special warrantee deeds. Shop now



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Scottslists Is a Seller of Tampa Investment Properties. We Purchase Distressed Bay Area Homes - Duplex - Multi-family - Condo - Town-homes and Such - from the Foreclosure Auctions. We Then Obtain Clear Title and Make the Investment Properties Available for You. Questions? Contact Scott Lubik Lra - for Immediate Access - Make an Offer or Ask a Question 813-330-6801